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3 Reasons Why Organic Beauty Products Are Worth It

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3 Reasons Why Organic Beauty Products Are Worth It

The organic beauty movement continues to grow as more people are discovering the benefits of using green cosmetics and skincare products. According to statistics, the organic beauty industry is predicted to be valued at $21.78 billion by 2024 as more innovative products are expected to flood the market within the next few years. However, some people are still in two minds over using organic beauty products, unsure if they’re truly beneficial for the health and the environment. It’s likely that lack of information, along with the blatant greenwashing of some companies, are to blame for the doubts surrounding the organic beauty movement. If you have yet to make the switch to organic or natural products, here are all the reasons why organic beauty products are worth it.

It’s better for your skin

The technology used to make conventional cosmetics and skincare products has improved over the past decades, but one thing has remained the same—these products still contain a lot of artificial ingredients that can cause potential harm to your skin. Organic beauty products are made without unnecessary chemicals, additives, artificial dyes and fragrance, making them healthier alternatives to conventional beauty products. Moreover, it’s better for your skin as organics are less likely to cause adverse reactions such as rashes or breakouts. To get the full benefits of a natural beauty routine, try switching to a natural product that you can use every day such as a skin brightening organic foundation or an organic body lotion.

It’s cruelty-free

Most organic products are not tested on animals. But to make sure that your product is cruelty-free, your organic beauty product only contains plant-derived ingredients, take a look at the ingredients list for animal-derived elements such as beeswax, keratin, lanolin, and musk.

It’s better for the planet

Organic beauty and skincare products are better for the environment because the plants used to make these products were grown without using chemicals and fertilizers. Moreover, the companies producing natural skincare products and cosmetics make sure that every step that goes into manufacturing these items won’t contribute to the destruction of the environment. Using natural resources and biodegradable or recyclable packaging are the marks of true eco-friendly products.

This year, try making the switch to organic beauty and skincare products. Not only will you feel and see the difference it can make to your skin and health, but you also do your part in saving the environment.

By: Jenny Ronson

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