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Eye Blossom Miracle Eye Serum

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Hey Befine Insider!
We are super excited about our Eye Blossom Miracle Eye Serum!
Eye Blossom teaches your skin to stay young! This Miracle Serum brightens the eyes, targeting the cause of dark shadows by binding and eliminating the iron deposits that build up under the skin.
Eye Blossom also provides continuous maintenance that naturally emulates the skins own delivery system, protecting and treating the delicate eye area and giving long-term benefits.

Benefits: Reduces Dark Circles. Renews collagen for firmer skin tone Plumps and tightens skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. Replenishes and repairs the delicate eye area, smooths ,and hydrates.

Erase Dark Circles! See Instant Results!

Directions: With your ring finger, gently Eye Serum around the eye area, starting at the outermost corner, along the orbital bone to the inner eye.
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Eye Blossom 

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